The Wrong Kind of Clouds

The Wrong Kind of Clouds was my first book to be published. It was briefly published by Joffe Books as The Call.

What if your ex-boyfriend called you desperately asking for life-or-death help?

Summer Morris gets a phone call from her ex-lover Patrick begging for help. He’s cut off before he can give her all the details, but it's clear he's in deep trouble.

She never wanted to hear from him again, but can she really refuse to help a man whose life is in danger?

With off-duty policeman, DS Stewart, Summer begins to uncover Patrick's world of lies.

Trying to unpick the knot of Patrick's life takes them from an affair that could help bring down a government, to the dust and heat of Malawi, and a whole heap of trouble in between. If only they knew who wanted him dead, they might find him alive. The trouble is, almost everyone wants Patrick dead.

Don’t miss out on this intriguing crime thriller that you won’t want to put down till the pulsating end.

Perfect for fans of Peter May, Ann Cleeves or Harry Bingham.

What readers are saying:

“A gripping read *****” Olga

“There are plenty of suspects to be investigated and fast-paced action.” Barbara

“Definitely a page-turning book from the first page to the last.” Viv

“It is fast-paced with a few twists and turns that keep the reader engaged.” Linda Strong

"Excellent crime thriller." Frank