Planning 2016 - A Year of Writing (I hope!)

2016 will be a big year for me. It will be the year I can officially call myself A Published Writer.


The Wrong Kind of Clouds is the first novel by me to be published, but it isn't actually either the first book that I wrote, or the only novel I've written. I was slow at converting any of the books I've written from 'written' to 'published' and have accrued a bit of a backlog...

Consequently, I've been spending time planning out 2016, specifically planning out writing projects. I drew up a page of 52 boxes and started pencilling in what I wanted to achieve, week by week, through 2016.

My first attempt was over-ambitious to say the least! It looked okay, but then I converted it to a Gantt chart and realised that there was neither any slack in the system, nor were any weeks designated for holidays! Now, I know writing often seems like a 24/7 occupation, but to plan it to be that...

So, new plan. This time with more leeway and some holidays. It's still probably over-ambitious and I may well have torn it all up and started again before January is over, but, as it stands, by this time next year, I should have:
  1. got a second book out there (currently called 'Adapt or Die') by autumn 2016
  2. converted a half-written book to a fully written one that's ready for publication in spring 2017
  3. converted another half-written book to a first draft
  4. got a third thriller to the publishers, ready to come out in summer 2017!
Gantt chart
Part of my Gantt chart...
Yes, "book #6" will get a proper name in time!

I know... we'll ALL be checking back in, this time next year and having a good laugh at how little of that has happened, but here's hoping I manage to achieve some if not all of that!

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