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I am offering a £2 discount on pre-orders of The Wrong Kind of Clouds for a limited period. The normal price for the paperback will be £8.99 but you can get it for £6.99.

The offer is only available via the Matador site and will finish once the book is published. The offer code is CLOUDS

Pre-order here now and grab a bargain! Make sure you put CLOUDS in all capitals to get the discount.

The Wrong Kind of Clouds
Patrick Forrester is in trouble. Deep trouble. Someone wants him dead. In fact, lots of people want him dead, but one of them has taken him hostage. As he’s being bundled away, he manages to call his ex-lover, Summer Morris, and begs her for help.

Summer Morris, an award-winning photographer with synaesthesia, hasn’t spoken to Patrick for months. With good reason. In fact, she would have been happy never to hear from him again. But, he begged her for help, so she’s trying to help. Along with an off-duty police officer, Detective Sergeant LB Stewart, she gets swept into Patrick’s world of lies and deceit, in a desperate race against time to find him alive. Trying to unpick the knot of Patrick’s life takes them from an affair that could help bring down a government, to the dust and heat of Malawi, and a whole heap of trouble in between. If only they knew who wanted him dead, they might find him alive.

The trouble is, almost everyone wants Patrick dead.

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