N is for... Names

Getting there with the name...

Names of characters can be tricky! Sometimes I've come up with a name and then had to change it as it stopped feeling 'right' for a character, once I'd done all my character notes. Other times, the name has been just right from the start and the character has followed on easily.

In The Wrong Kind of Clouds, the two main characters are called Summer Morris and LB Stewart. Summer's name came easily and some of her character comes about as a back-lash against having been given the name. LB was one I went round the houses with. He uses his middle name (Benedict; shortened to Ben) but I knew that I didn't really want that to be his name. Yes, it suits him, but it wasn't quite right. In my notebook, I think I've written and crossed out about 6 names before I finally settled on LB. The above picture isn't actually taken from my notebook, but it's a pretty accurate impression of how many changes I went through!

What does the L stand for? I'm afraid you'll have to read the book to find out!

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