T is for... "The Wrong Kind of Clouds"

This is the name of my first novel, but where does it come from?

The main character in the book is a photographer, called Summer Morris. My husband is a photographer... you can see his work here: http://www.colinjmnicol.co.uk/

It was my husband came up with the phrase, though in the book, it's attributed to Patrick Forrester - the guy who is abducted - but what exactly are the wrong kind of clouds?

For landscape photography, a clear blue sky is usually not interesting unless you have a very yellow field in front, like this:

Leuchars Doocot - picture by Colin Nicol

Small, fluffy white things aren't great for landscape photographs either. Nor is a uniform grey sky or clouds that are too dark. There is nothing for the photographer to work with to make the picture dramatic. Both light and shade are needed.

Patrick's life has too many dark clouds laid over uniform grey. There isn't enough light to contrast with the dark.

His whole life is made up of the wrong kind of clouds.

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