U is for... Urban Fantasy

The Wrong Kind of Clouds is a thriller/suspense novel.
The next book I'm likely to release - Six Deaths - is a thriller/suspense novel.
The first book I ever wrote is a thriller/suspense novel (which may make it out of my computer and into being published next year).

So why is today's post about Urban Fantasy?
Because the book I'm currently writing falls into that category!

Now, that's not to say there isn't a large amount of suspense in the book, but it's most definitely in the urban fantasy camp rather than the conventional thriller/suspense one.

So if most of my other books have been thriller/suspense, why the body-swerve into Urban Fantasy?

Because like all the other books I've written, it was in my head and demanding to come out. And it's been fabulous fun writing it!

Maybe it will stay an unpublished pleasure. Maybe I will branch out and publish it. Either way, I'm having a ball writing it!

Don't feel confined by "your usual genre". If you want to write it, write it!

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