W is for... Writing Buddy

My writing buddy is Stuart Lennon. You can find his excellent blog here. Go check him out and then come back. It's okay. The link opens in a new window, so you won't lose me.

Back? Great.

Stuart and I 'met' online, though we have not yet met in reality. We email each other, Tweet, Facebook etc. and I honestly feel as if I know him as well as if we had met. He has been a fantastic writing buddy!

We started out, nervously swapping writing samples for the other to give feedback on, to see if we wrote similar kinds of things and if when we gave feedback, we would get on. I think it's safe to say we get on like a house on fire!

We're the same age and have the same outlook on things, which is incredibly helpful with critiquing each other's work. Not only that, we've ended up great friends and more often than not, our emails are more about life and what it's thrown at us, rather than swapping words from our works in progress.

I couldn't ask for someone more supportive. My first book comes out very soon and I'll be honest and say I've had my fair share of wobbles about it on the way. Without fail, Stu has bucked me up, pointed out when I've been being daft, boosted my confidence and been a real friend.

If you're a writer and don't have a writing buddy, I would urge you to try and find one. They know what you're going through (and what you need to hear!) and the right one will be a wonderful friend as well as your writing buddy.

Thank you Stuart! You are a star!

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