Launch day approaches!

Display in Waterstones
(gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!)

It's nearly here! The launch is on Thursday at 6.30pm in Waterstones, St Andrews. My Rotary Club (The Howe of Fife) are turning up en masse to support me and as far as I know, a reasonable crowd from the university (where I used to work) are also intending to rock up. I'm really hoping that the place is full, not least for Waterstones' sake as they have been SO good to me!

I'd hoped to just bimble around and smile stupidly for most of the evening, while working hard at not spilling wine on me, a customer or any books, but it transpires I'm supposed to read something out and answer questions.


My fears are daft. I know that. I used to lecture as my job. Put me in front of 300 students to teach them about the body and I wouldn't even blink. Ask me to read out the opening chapter of my book... I'm nervous. Really, really nervous.

I'm trying to pacify myself with the thought that everyone there will be a friend and will have chosen to come and support me, or I don't know them but they are interested and want to hear me talk about the book.

It's not working 100%. I feel horribly exposed. What if I read out the first chapter and everyone rushes to get a refund on the book they've just purchased? Or smiles sympathetically? Or get so bored they start chatting amongst themselves?

Everyone keeps telling me to relax and enjoy it - you only get one debut after all - and hopefully I will once I'm there and everyone is smiling encouragingly. Until then, I may be panicking a tad...

I'll let you all know how it went once it's over!

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