Back to the grindstone...

Back to work time... But it's only work if you don't enjoy it. In reality, it's more play-time!

Well, the holiday is over. Much walking was walked, much wine was imbibed and several snakes were seen. But that's Yorkshire for you.

[There really were snakes! Here are a couple of pictures of them!]
Adult adder
Just a baby!

But, it's now time to get back to work (though frankly, I love this kind of 'work') and I have a scarily HUGE list of stuff to work through. First up is proof-reading through the next novel before it goes off to my editor. There's also the never-ending treadmill of publicity and marketing to get back on top of and then I have a decision to make. I kid you not, I have six (yes... six) other major projects I could work on and no idea which to tackle first. More on all that soon.

Happy holidays (for those still escaping work)!

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The Wrong Kind of Clouds

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Giveaway ends July 31, 2016.
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