Projects, projects, projects... What next??

What to work on next???

I mustn't complain. Like any other writer, I've had times when no ideas have come to me and I've lived in terror that none will ever come again. Right now, I have the opposite problem. I have six different projects I could be working on, and don't know which to tackle first!

Each one will take me probably 3-6 months so I don't want to start on something and then realise I would have been better off working on something else.

So, what's brewing? I bit of an eclectic mix to be honest!

The First Book I Wrote
The Wrong Kind of Clouds wasn't the first novel I wrote. (It wasn't the 2nd either, it was the 3rd!). The first book I wrote may never see the light of day. It certainly won't in its current state. But, I still love the plot and the characters; I just don't like the execution. I made every novice's mistake known when I was writing it, in all likelihood, and it needs to be re-written. It's another thriller and I may well work on it at some point; it just might not be the next thing I tackle. It follows a woman as she tries to prove that her father was murdered (and work out by whom), before she is killed herself.

So many books, so little time!
The Second Book I Wrote
This is in a much better state than book #1. I really love this book. The problem is, it's not a thriller. I'm struggling to know how to classify it to be honest. Women's Literature sounds a bit pompous. Anyway, it's the story of a woman who is diagnosed with cancer and the decisions she makes following her diagnosis. Some of the decisions cause major fracture lines through her close set of friends. Can they forgive her before she dies? Should they forgive her?
I don't know what to do with this one. It's been through beta-readers and is at the stage of going to a professional editor, but I don't want to do that if I'm not going to publish it and I don't know if I'm going to publish it!

The Book I planned Out in Meticulous Detail and Then Didn't Write (a.k.a book #3a)
Um, that header says it all really. Again, I really like the plot for this one and it was tricky and I spent a lot of time working it all out, but then didn't want to write it. I think some of its appeal (to me) was to work out how it would go and once I'd done that, I lost a bit of interest! However, I have full character notes, full plot notes, chapter outlines and more. I could write it!

A Sequel to The Wrong Kind of Clouds (book #4)
This is 3/4 written and I don't like the ending I've planned. And if I don't like it, no reader will! Lots of people have been asking me if there will be a sequel and saying they want to hear more about Summer and LB. Do I work out the ending of this one and finish writing it? Will I end up being drawn into just writing lots of Summer and LB books (when there is so much more rattling around in my head)?

The First Two Books of a Trilogy
These are invariably called book #6 and book #7 (though they do actually have proper titles!). In case you're confused about the numbering, "book #5" is away to the editor and will be the next thing to be published, hopefully.
These aren't thrillers. These are urban fantasy (though hopefully with a thrilling aspect!). I may never publish them. I am totally in love with at least three of the characters but they may well end up things that only I read! Book #6 is finished, ready to go to beta-readers (if it ever does); book #7 is at the end of the first draft stage, ready to go through two more edits from me before any beta-readers ever see it (which again, they may never do).

Advice is desperately needed!! What should I work on next??