What would you like to see in a newsletter?

Those of you who subscribe to my mailing list currently get an email each month, listing the posts of the month. I want to make this email more interesting and more like a newsletter. To help me with designing it, please could you let me know what you would like to see in the newsletters?

My current ideas are:

Photo of the Month
Given that Summer, the main character in The Wrong Kind of Clouds, is a photographer and so is my husband, I thought about including a photo each month, drawn from the collection on my husband's website (Colin Nicol Landscape Photography)

Recipe of the Month
This idea came after several people said that they were going to try out the recipe for the dish that LB (the policeman in The Wrong Kind of Clouds) cooks for Summer. LB is a keen cook (as am I). Would people be interested in LB's recipe of the month?

An update about what I've been working on
A few lines about what I've been writing or doing, plus links to more freebies and bonus scenes (although I can't guarantee a freebie every month!)

Chichewa (Malawian) Phrase of the Month
Some of the wrong Kind of Clouds is set in Malawi where the language is Chichewa. Do people want to learn some new phrases?

An Update about Chimwemwe Children's Centre
While I was out in Malawi, I helped to set up a charity - Chimwemwe Children's Centre - that works with homeless children to give them somewhere to live and to support them through education and training. It's what Samala (from the book) is based on, though Chimwemwe is entirely above board, I hasten to say! Would people be interested in a few lines each month saying what we have been doing in Malawi?

This Month's Finds
Each month I find interesting blog posts or articles. Many of these I Tweet about, but not all. Let me know if you would like my top 3 'finds' each month.

This Month's Posts
This would be a quick list of the posts for the month.

What do people think? I've created a survey for you to vote in. If there are other features you would like to see of if you have other feedback, please feel free to tick "other" and add your comments in the survey.

Thank you for your help!
(survey closes 23:45 GMT on 26th August)

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