Time to re-engage my brain

Time to start editing...
Well, it's finally back! I sent the manuscript for "Poisonous Minds" to my editor, back at the end of July. Initial dates for it coming back were September, but, for one reason and another, it got delayed and finally came back last Monday.

This book is one I've really struggled with. I started writing it back in 2013. Over the years, in between other projects, I did several major edits before it went out to beta-readers at the start of this year. Feedback from the beta-readers was both helpful and contradictory! The female beta-readers loved the male character in the book and hated the main female character; the male beta-readers were a bit 'meh' about the male character and adored the female character. Everyone loved the older female character (phew - something they all agreed on!) and there was mixed feedback over some aspects of the plot.

So... taking their comments into consideration, along with my gut feelings about it, "Poisonous Minds" got another major edit, back in June. It's now October and my head is so far from that manuscript, it feels half like someone else wrote it. My editor has come back with some spot-on analysis and some very helpful suggestions about it all. Now I need to re-read it, get my brain engaged and sort it out! Here's hoping that this round of edits isn't too traumatic. Keep you posted.