A Positivity Journal

A what?

A positivity journal. Somewhere to keep reminders of any and all positive things relating to my writing. These might be reviews, comments people have made, and ... dare I hope ... letters of acceptance.

This idea grew from advice that some great friends gave me when I was feeling particularly low and full of self-doubt. The wonderful Bea Henderson (see Meet the Author last week) suggested that I: "Print out any good reviews and affirmations and post them around your computer."

I don't have a lot of space around my computer and I didn't want to block my view of the garden by posting things on my windowsill or on the windows (it's Scotland and winter... we get little enough light at the moment!) so instead, I am going to keep them all in a positivity journal.

My husband has bought me this one for my Christmas present:

Picture from https://www.theonlinepencompany.com/

Picture from https://www.theonlinepencompany.com/

It has 200 leaves of paper, so it will take me a while to fill it! I'm going to put in all my good reviews, reports of great days (like the CWA lunches and speaking at Bloody Scotland) and have it to flip through when I'm feeling low or full of self-doubt (which is all too often).

What does everyone else do to help buoy themselves when they're feeling low or lacking in confidence?