For my 100th post... meet "Hero"

"Hero" doing some work
(unlike me)
"Hero" sits on the sand timer on my desk. Sometimes he stands on it. I bought him a while ago and have been meaning to blog about him for a few weeks, but then... well.

Although he's called "Hero" I tend to think of the name more like a Japanese "Hiro" rather than 'the hero of the story' though it works in that way too. "Hero" is my muse. Well, he's supposed to be. He's currently sitting on the sand timer clutching a sword (more on that later!) a bit disconsolate because the glorious weather is ruining what little glimmer of writing-productivity I had! He's actually meant to be for artists and I could (in theory) sketch him. If I could sketch better.

He's like the old wooden artists' models, except he's got more joints and can be posed in many more ways than they ever could be. As you can see in the picture, he comes with accessories too. It's an eclectic selection of things... a laptop, two mobile phones, a pen/pencil, a pad, a sword and a gun. He's 'working' on the laptop in the picture (which was taken a few weeks ago), but at the moment, he's sitting on the sand timer on my desk holding a sword across his lap.

He also has a collection of different hands for holding the different objects and for pointing/gesticulating. These are a) a bit fiddly to attach and detach and b) make for a slightly gruesome looking box.

Slightly gruesome box of hands and accessories
Anyway, he's a slightly sulky-looking reminder that I should be finishing the follow-on from The Wrong Kind of Clouds, so I'd better get back to it.

Do others have a muse like this?