Back to work...

I've been away, re-charging my batteries and getting ready for a busy few weeks. This is probably one of my favourite holiday pictures, and it was taken on the final evening of the holiday. The weather had been pretty mixed over our time away, but the final day eventually turned into an absolutely glorious one. These are (some of!) the standing stones at Calanais on the Isle of Lewis. The site is enormous with a large complex of stones - a central chambered cairn, a very large central stone, a circle with radiating lines of stones to the four points of the compass - plus two more stone circles within walking distance and lots of others within 5-10 miles of the main site at Calanais. Seeing the sun set behind the stones was absolutely magical. You can find out more about the stones at Calanais here: and there is a good aerial photograph (to get more of a sense of how enormous the site is) here:

But, back to work! I have a book event tomorrow - Noir at the Bar in Dundee - which should be a great laugh. Entry is free, there are a heap of us there, you get to hear a bit from each of us and there's a chance to win a free book. What's not to like? If you're in the area, come along!

After that, I have some Murder and Mayhem dates organised - a group of writers will be doing events with a twist! We might be doing a murder-mystery play or we might be doing an improvised story built line by line, based on whatever the audience shout out. It could be murder... it could very easily be mayhem, but either way, it will be great fun. Full dates to follow!

Then I've a book to finish, Poisonous Minds is back from the editor so needs some of my time, and then The Wrong Kind of Clouds will be being re-released. If you've not yet got a copy, act soon as it will be a few months before it's available again! It will be withdrawn from sale at the start of August. And don't believe any nonsense that Amazon is spouting! The RRP of the paperback is £8.99, not £11.49 (as they currently claim). Order it from Waterstones or get it direct from Matador. If you're still struggling to find a copy, drop me a line via my Facebook page ( and buy one direct from me (with free P+P). Or, come along to any of my events and they will be available from me. (If you're not sure when or where my events are, follow me on Facebook and you'll see all my events listed there)

Well, better get back to work!