Be more cat...

This seems like an ideal life!

Writing comes in peaks and troughs. There can be a huge flurry of activity - writing, editing, publicity - and periods of relative calm in between. I'm in a mini-calm before another storm right now and trying to 'be more cat' with it.

Be more cat?

Adult cats appear to have two modes, as far as I can tell: activity, and relaxing in recovery/ preparation for activity. They don't waste energy.

I've just had a busy time and I have another equally busy time coming up. The first and second rounds of edits for Poisonous Minds are finished, I had a call for jury duty, and there have been a lot of demands on my time and energy outside of writing. Coming up, I'll have final proof-reads of Poisonous Minds and then edits on The Wrong Kind of Clouds ahead of its re-release. I've also got a number of promotional activities coming up and the follow-on to The Wrong Kind of Clouds to finish writing. There'll also be launches of Poisonous Minds (and The Wrong Kind of Clouds) over the autumn and a lot of Rotary work too.

So, until that burst of activity, I'm going to try and 'be more cat' and relax and prepare. I'm going to take advantage of the fact that for a few days, no one needs me to be doing much. I'm going to read, maybe potter in the garden, write to friends... I'm going to have a little bit of time for me.

How do others recharge their batteries? Do you ever try to 'be more cat'?