Second Spotlighter Meet-Up

L-R Gordon Brown, me, Lesley Kelly, Les Wood
Photo © Gordon Brown
Last year, twelve of us were chosen to read a snippet from our books as 'support acts' for the famous people at "Bloody Scotland". The initiative was called "Crime in the Spotlight" and the twelve of us have referred to ourselves as The Spotlighters since then, and used the hashtag #TeamSpotlight on Twitter. It's been brilliant to keep in touch with everyone.

After the fun of the first meet-up, we did it again! This time we headed west to Glasgow and had a great lunch at Browns on George Square.

It was great to catch up with where everyone was at - when new books are coming out, what plans they all had. I'm still very grateful to Bloody Scotland for introducing us and for giving us the Spotlight slots almost a year ago.

The Crime in the Spotlight initiative is running again this year - check out this year's authors who get their three minutes at the start of one of the sessions - full details here. I hope they all make as many new friendships as I have through the initiative.