Back to writing!

It feels like forever since I was last actually writing something, rather than editing, but I'm finally back to it! The edits of The Wrong Kind of Clouds have been finished and it's heading towards re-publication by Joffe Books. It's going to get a title change and a cover change - I'll keep you posted as to what they'll be.

But, that means I can get back to writing the book that follows on from The Wrong Kind of Clouds. At last!

I started writing this one way back in 2013! I got about half of it written and it just wasn't working for me so I abandoned it and wrote a whole heap of other things - Lies That Poison (which ended up the first book published by Joffe) and two books of an urban fantasy trilogy. But, I'm now back to what is still (to me) called "book 4" (book 1 being an as yet unpublished thriller, book 2 being an as yet unpublished women's literature novel, and book 3 being The Wrong Kind of Clouds). It makes me smile sometimes to see Lies That Poison be described as my 'd├ębut novel' as it was the 5th full-length novel I'd written. It just happens to be the first book that Joffe Books have published, but it's most certainly not my first book!

Anyway, "book 4"... I was going to give it a proper title (and "Suspicion" has been in my head for that for a while) but I don't imagine that any title I call it will end up being its actual title, so I'm going to call it "book 4" for now.

It's set 6 months on from "The Wrong Kind of Clouds". A man comes home from work to find his wife is missing. She has a history of mental health issues and an urgent search takes place, but does the husband know far more about her disappearance than he's letting on?

I'm about 50,000 words into the first draft. I'm really hoping to have finished the first draft before Christmas. It may be a tall order, but, that's the plan! Wish me luck!