"Lies That Poison"

Well, it came out just over a week ago and I'm delighted with how things are going. A huge thank you to my publishers, Joffe Books who have been going the extra mile, promoting the book and being incredibly supportive of me.

So far, the reviews have been very positive and sales are going well. At one point, I was ranked higher than Ian Rankin in "Crime" in the Kindle charts. 😀

If you've already bought a copy... thank you so much!

If you've already reviewed the book... again, thank you!

If you're still not sure... that's fine. Let me share the blurb with you:


When Tom Bowman moves to a pretty Yorkshire village to start a new business, he meets two women who will change his life.

Alys is a young woman with a troubled past, including an abusive boyfriend. She says she doesn’t want to get involved with another man, but a relationship soon develops between her and Tom.

Tom’s other neighbour is Hannah, an elderly woman who is often confused between past and present. 50 years ago, her sister died tragically young. Now, she sometimes thinks that Tom is the man who was to blame.

Hannah hates Alys, and warns Tom that he is in great danger from the woman he’s falling in love with.

Who should he believe and who is poisoning his mind with lies?

In a pulsating conclusion, Tom faces a heartbreaking choice with the potential to shatter everything he has built. And will he finally find out the truth about Alys?

Perfect for readers who love C. L. Taylor, Ruth Ware or Clare Mackintosh.

What readers are saying about LIES THAT POISON

“I wasn't sure what was coming next and kept gasping in surprise at revelations along the way.” Christine Toft

“I don’t give 5* very easily and this one deserves it in spades. Stunning.” Misfits Farm

“A very good psychological thriller that grips you from the start. The twists in it certainly keep you guessing.” Viv

“A gripping tale which kept me engrossed from beginning to end. I couldn’t put the book down.” Barbara

“I thought this was an exceptional debut novel, with all the twists and turns, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace.” Carole Gourlay
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