Two new additions to the house...

You may recall that we lost our beloved cat, Sly, back in Spring. At the time, I said 'Never again - I can't go through this again.' In many ways, I'm still mourning his loss, but hubby and I decided that we could offer a home to a couple of rescue cats.

We phoned the local cat shelter last week, partly to enquire about whether they had any suitable cats (we really wanted younger cats and a pair) and partly, if they hadn't, to give them our details. I'd seen a couple of three-year-olds on their website and hubby and I had discussed taking them if they still had them. Anyway, when I called the shelter, they said they had just had a pair of 15-month-old male cats brought in, but they were completely traumatised at the moment, having been rescued from a domestic violence situation.

We have no children, a reasonable sized house and garden, and lots of patience and time, so we were an ideal match for taking them. We went to see them last Thursday and on Saturday, they arrived home.

They are indeed traumatised and have spent most of the time since we got them hiding under a sofa, though accepting treats and strokes. I hate to think what they have seen or experienced that has made them so shell-shocked. They are both 100% black and identical twins. We can currently tell them apart because the cat shelter put Tippex on one of the cats' ears (so that they could tell them apart!). We're hoping that when they come out of their shell and we see them a bit more, we'll manage to work out which one is which, even without Tippex. Otherwise, maybe we'll just have to keep using Tippex!

If they end up incredibly lively and I struggle to get any writing done, will I regret getting them? Never.