Updates on the cats...

I think we have adopted two hooligans...

We got them about two and a half weeks ago and they were traumatised after being rescued from a domestic violence situation. The first weekend, they were pretty shell-shocked still and mostly hid under things, though the one with Tippex on his ear (Nero) was brave enough to come and sit on the sofa and get fuss and cuddles, even on the first night. His brother (no Tippex on his ear; called Max) wasn't quite so brave but did accept fuss and treats. [The Tippex was put on Nero by the rescue shelter, to tell them apart!]

For the first few days, we mostly saw black streaks as they zoomed in/out of rooms. Both of them appear to like lying on tables and worktops (!) though they leap off and skedaddle if you go into the room where they're doing that. Max also quite likes the old cat bed in the lounge and Nero likes a sofa. Both of them have steadfastly refused to sleep in the new cat bed we bought specially for them.

Thus far, the pattern appears to be: sleep half of the morning (recovering from overnight adventures...); whinge about getting more food any time anyone is in the kitchen (they are already eating 25% MORE food than a cat of their weight should be...); start getting more active after lunch; by evening start getting very active; overnight: "take advantage of all potential entertainments". I'm already dreading to think what they'll do with a Christmas tree!

We can (just about) tell them apart. Max is a bit chunkier/heavier than Nero. Nero's tail has obviously been broken at some point - the very last joint is callused. Seeing them in a brief flash... no idea which one is which!

I suspect they will try and "help" me with my writing... they have already discovered that my desk has pens and pencils on the surface, which roll when batted. 😀


  1. Update: Nero has beefed up... We now have NO idea which is which unless they are within petting distance!


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