Busy week!

Some weeks I have almost nothing in the diary... others (like last week) are packed!

As well as all the normal things I have in my week (family commitments; Life PLC etc), I had three events last week - a Murder and Mayhem event in Braehead, Glasgow; a Book Week event at Forfar; and the CWA Christmas lunch in Edinburgh.

Murder & Mayhem

L-R Ian Skewis Wendy H Jones, Jackie McLean,
me, Lesley Kelly
Always good to catch up with this motley crew! Here we are in the cafe at the Waterstones in Braehead near Glasgow, clutching our books and enjoying a quick coffee. I'm not sure if you can read the sign on the table, but it says "Warning Novelist at work. Bystanders may be written into the story"

Forfar Book Week Extravaganza

Next up was Forfar, where I was scheduled to do a "Book and a Blether" event with my good friend Sandra Ireland. We had a table set up for selling books, alongside Chris Longmuir and Wendy Jones (who were doing a modified Murder and Mayhem event later in the day). When Sandra and I got there, the organiser asked if me, Sandra and Chris could do an extra event as the woman scheduled for 12 o'clock was stranded in North Uist! Sandra came up with the brilliant idea of doing a workshop with the audience where we developed/designed a character, which was excellent fun and very well received. We thought the insides of our heads was a scary place, but it's as nothing compared to what the audience came up with!
Me and Sandra, clinking poison bottles (like you do!)
Sandra and I did our "Book and a Blether" session but, since I had got to my bed after 2 am (after complications with the car getting back from Glasgow the night before) and Sandra had had a late night after doing an event in Inverness the night before, we called it a day in the early afternoon and headed south.

The Crime Writers' Association Christmas Lunch

This was on Friday, in Edinburgh, organised by the author Alex Gray. Sadly, the only picture I have from the event is of me looking perplexed by something Alex is saying to me (picture is taken by Ian Skewis). It's Mason Cross on the other side (not sure what he's thinking about!).

As ever, there were quizzes (set by Wendy Jones) and prizes (provided by Alex Gray) and a superb time was had by all!

Next week... back to auld claes and parritch!