My Positivity Journal

For Christmas last year, my lovely husband bought me a gorgeous book where I could keep good memories. Then, when I'm feeling low, I can look through the book, remember all these wonderful times and feel uplifted.

The book he bought me was the same as this one (I blogged about it last year, here):

It's absolutely glorious, with marbling on the sides of the pages, a beautiful leather cover and high quality paper.

I've been using it to collect good writing memories and also sticking in pictures that are printed on my mini-printer (on to self-adhesive photo paper). Through entirely my own fault (because I didn't put it back in a cupboard), it's acquired a couple of scratches, courtesy of the two cats, but I'm sure they'll just add character!

It's one of the loveliest things I own and am so pleased that hubby bought me it last year. Though it may take me a while to fill in all the 400 pages there are in it!