Supportive friends, I thank you!

It's not been a great week. I came down with a cold to end all colds, I started hating what I'm writing (yes, again...), my productivity sank like a stone and I seriously considered abandoning the book (again. I first abandoned this one in 2013).

I have to say, the writing community is a fabulous one! When I said that I was struggling with the book and ready to chuck it all in, I got so much support with people offering to have a natter and talk through the issues, others encouraging me and saying "Don't give up!"

Knowing they all had my back, I filled up a trusty fountain pen (well, I do have rather a lot!) and tried to brainstorm why I was stuck with the book and what I hated (most) about it.

The list was long, but nothing was catastrophic. What I'd thought were insurmountable issues, turned out to be fixable (though not always easily fixable, don't get me wrong!). A dozen pages of brainstorming later and I could see the path through the maze of difficulties. The support of my writing friends buoyed me up and gave me the confidence to attack anew. Which is a relief, as I'm 60k words into the thing, and that's a long way into a draft to then abandon it.

Writing can sometimes feel like the loneliest career to me. I live inside my head, talking to a whole heap of imaginary people, for long swathes of time, but when they stop speaking to me, it can feel all too silent. It's an amazing feeling to know that I'm part of this fabulous, supportive community of writers up here and that they will all rally round when needed, however tough things are for them.

My writing friends, I salute you and thank you!