Unwelcome sign of age!


Actually, I've worn glasses for short-sightedness for about 40 years now and am so short-sighted that without glasses/contact lenses, I would struggle to see beyond about 5 inches from the end of my nose. I certainly can't read without them as the book would be stiflingly close. I actually can't put my contact lenses in using a mirror, as there isn't enough space between my face and the mirror to have my hand. I've always put my lenses in by touch.

No. The new glasses hell is that I'm now old enough to need reading glasses too. If I'd had perfect vision before, this might have been a smidgen easier, but as it is, I now have: my contact lenses, a pair of reading glasses for when I'm wearing my contact lenses, a pair of glasses for when I'm not wearing my contact lenses and not reading/writing either, and a pair of glasses for when I'm not wearing my contact lenses but am reading or writing.

Why not just get a pair of varifocals? They would cover all instances of not wearing my contact lenses.

True, but when I'm writing, I'm not always looking out of the bottom half of my glasses for close work. A lot of the time, I'm looking out of the top half, because I'm reading my laptop screen while touch typing. To look at my screen through the bottom half of my glasses would require me to have my head tipped slightly back, which would lead to neck strain and sore shoulders.

So... I have three different pairs of glasses and an assortment of cases on my desk. The cases are colour-coded, but my brain doesn't seem able to remember which colour case matches which pair of glasses. I suspect I'm going to have to write on the cases  to remind me!

Ah well. Yet another sign of ageing is upon me.

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