What my desk looks like, most of the time!
I am still loving writing this (when I get the chance... see my last couple of posts for why writing time has become even more precious than normal). I spent a bit of time a week or so ago looking at the plot and sorting out how a new strand that had developed fitted in with the rest of the book (and in fact the rest of the trilogy) and it dawned on me... there's a fourth book there. The story doesn't end at the end of this book (though one major arc will be finalised) - there's a whole new aspect I could still write about.

This is ridiculously thrilling and scary to think about. Thrilling because I don't want to let these characters and their world go. Scary, because I had plans for three other, different, unrelated books that I intended to work on once I'd 'finished' the trilogy. I have writing plans that will take me years to complete. I wonder how many of them will ever actually get written?

How I feel about these characters is in complete contrast to how I feel about finishing the follow-on from The Wrong Kind of Clouds/The Call. If I never saw those characters again, I wouldn't care. The thought of not writing about Aeron and Faran and the rest of them fills me with dismay. Maybe I will end up spending the rest of my life writing about them. Part of me is perfectly happy with that idea, but a big chunk of me also wants to explore the other projects that are piling up around my ears.

Whatever I decide to do, I need to get these three books finalised first!

Anyone else had a project that just grew and grew?