I managed a run at the weekend!

I realise that this may not seem a startling announcement, especially given that I have described myself as 'a runner' for the last couple of decades or so...

... but I've been ill for what feels like forever! I've been feeling queasy/sick since late September and running hasn't been great - usually resulting in me feeling as if I'm about to throw up for much of the time I'm out and then especially when I've got back from the run.

Add to the mix the fact my Dad's been in hospital for more than a month, and a significant chunk of my time has been taken up with taking Mum to visit and/or helping Mum with stuff. Consequently time when I've felt well enough to run and had the time to get out for one has been hugely limited. My last run before the weekend had been the third week of October. For someone who tries to get out at least three times a week, not running for so long has been hellish.

But, on Sunday morning, I threw my kit on, laced up my trainers and plodded around a couple of miles. The pace was slow, but I ran without stopping, throwing up (or falling!) so I'm putting that down as a success!

We're all hopeful that Dad will be out of hospital soon, with a care-package that helps at home, so if I could just stop feeling sick all the time, running time might become commonplace again. Here's hoping all of this comes to pass soon. It's been a bit of a double-whammy because a lot of things have been stressing me, but my main way to decompress is usually to get out for a run...

Fingers crossed!