Happy New Year

I hope that 2019 is a great year for you all. The latter part of 2018 for me wasn't brilliant, but when I look back on the year as a whole, it wasn't bad.

Okay, I didn't publish anything new, but I did finish the third draft of Book 1 of The Trilogy. I also finished the second draft of Book 2 of The Trilogy and I finished the first draft of Book 3 of The Trilogy, so all in all, that feels pretty good.

I also met lots of new writers and met up with lots of old friends at various book events (Murder and Mayhem, A Body in The Library and Bloody Scotland, to name but three).

I have lots of plans for 2019 - including publishing The Trilogy (so hopefully, you won't have to hear me wittering on about it for another twelve months!). If all goes well, before 2019 is out, I should be able to start on The Shiny New Thing that was distracting me back in July.

As well as planning to publish The Trilogy, I'm also going to try and do some better marketing and publicity. I'd hoped that when I got signed by a publisher that I wouldn't have to do so much and I could concentrate on writing, but hey ho. Apparently not.

I've still my usual fitness and running goals (I do still want to run a marathon before I'm 50, but that keeps getting closer and I'm still not running 13 miles, never mind 26!).

I'm continuing to reduce/remove single-use plastic (and plastic in general) from my life, though this isn't always easy. Where it's not possible, I'm trying to ensure that the things I buy have packaging that can be reused or recycled, but it's an uphill struggle sometimes.

I'm hoping that my fabulous new diary will keep me on track with all my goals. If nothing else, it should keep me organised!

Anyway, I hope that all of you have managed to have a break over the festive season and that 2019 is a very happy year for you.

What plans do you all have?