Meeting Twitter friends in real life

Last week, I was delighted to meet two of my 'Twitter friends' in real life.

I'd posted something on Twitter about using Scrivener, and Angela and Marion came back to me, saying they'd heard about Scrivener but weren't sure if it was for them or not.

Angela has had a guest post on here, about using Power Point to plan books, so it seemed only fair to share my knowledge on using Scrivener. Since all three of us live in the same county, I suggested that we try and meet up and I could show them how I use Scrivener.

And so, last Wednesday, the three of us met up in a coffee shop, roughly equidistant between our locations. Marion in fact lives only a few miles from me, and kindly gave me a lift to the coffee shop. There was then a slight moment as we realised that actually, neither of us had met Angela in real life and the cafe was quite large... I had visions of us walking up to innocent strangers and accosting them. The situation wasn't helped by both Marion and I having the wrong mobile number for Angela!

Anyway, we managed to meet up without incident, ordered teas and cakes and settled in.

Much of the afternoon ended up with us talking about writing - what we were working on, what our plans were for 2019 and so on, but we did also have a look at Scrivener (which I couldn't be without now). I mocked up a 'novel' to show them how to set up scenes and be able to move scenes around, colour-code them, get word counts, etc. etc. But by far the best bit of the afternoon was meeting up with fellow writers and having a great chin-wag!

Marion also told us that #XpoNorth was on, on Friday (a Twitter pitch for Scottish writers) and so we talked about that. I hadn't originally intended to do anything with it, but Marion and Angela both persuaded me to have a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

It was wonderful to meet in person, and I'm sure that there will be many more coffees to come. Please do follow them on Twitter (and me, if you don't already - the link for me is in the side-bar). You can find Angela at and Marion at

Has anyone else finally met up with people they first met on social media?