Keeping track of injuries...

I don't write romance. I'm sure that won't come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog (or any of my books). My first two published novels were crime/psychological thriller and I'm currently editing a fantasy trilogy in which there is a lot of fighting at times, so I need a way to keep track of who is injured, where and how.

Enter post mortem diagrams!

I know. I teeny bit gruesome perhaps, but they're so useful. They're a blank front and back of a body which looks perhaps more male than anything else, but I use them for all characters. I print them off four sets to a page and then pop the character's name at the top of a set and mark up their injuries to use as a quick reference. They're also useful for remembering which characters have tattoos, along with what the tattoo is of and where it is on the body. If there are any other major distinguishing marks (scars/missing digits/etc.) they also get noted.

This is what I'm currently using and forgive me, but I can't remember where I got it online. Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. If it's your diagram and you want me to take it down, please say and I will!

What do people think? How do you keep track of distinguishing features or injuries?