Oops... another book is waving at me

Action shot!
Taken on the hills above Ullapool
In the cold. And rain.
I knew it would... I went on holiday! Though, frankly, I need a new book brewing like I need a hole in my head. But, if I had to choose between having no ideas and having too many ideas, I would always choose the latter!

At the moment, the ideas are parked in notebooks. The book that's brewing is a development of the ideas I had a year ago (while sitting on a train, coming back from seeing my good friend Jackie McLean).

There were so many ideas they got their Own Notebook (which means it's serious!). I didn't do much with the ideas beyond researching the location - spending a fantastic few days going through online estate agent sites, looking at houses that don't look creepy, but which are going to turn out to be as creepy as hell. On holiday though, one of the characters came marching over and demanded that I write a few notes about him...

Then the plot wanted a bit of the action...

And another couple of characters...

I now have 60 pages of notes for a book I can't even think about until I get the trilogy sorted (and something else that I can't quite tell you about yet!). At the moment, the majority are in the blue-edged notebook you can see in the picture, but when I eventually get the time, they'll get transcribed (and sorted - they're a jumble at the moment) into the set of notebooks I have for a book: plot, characters, location, scene planning.

I'm glad to have ideas... but I have so much stuff to clear first!