Carrots and sticks...

My expression after an hour of research...
I can think of more exciting things to do than to find a cover designer... trawling through potential designers isn't a quick job - after all, I want the right kind of cover for these books, since I feel like I've spent half my life writing them (okay... that's an overstatement, but after all the time and effort of writing them, and the cost of a professional editor, I need the right cover!).

My brain will explode if I spend all day at it, so I've produced a list of 'rewards' that I can get to if I've put in a decent chunk of effort on the cover designer research! In no particular order...

Browsing stationery blogs and/or playing with new stationery
As you probably know, I also write for Nero's Notes, so I always have a pile of new stationery to play with, so although this is a reward, it's also technically work! Win-win!

Re-reading/editing the trilogy
I realise that others might think editing is their kind of hell, but I'm still loving the trilogy. The second and third books are going off to Fiona (my editor) at the start of September, so I've been going through them again, in light of the feedback from her on book 1. Like researching cover designers, I find editing better in small chunks, so splitting my time between the two is working well. And I guess this is technically work, too.

My friend, Sandra Ireland, has just launched her third book, The Unmaking of Ellie Rook, and I'm itching to read it. My TBR pile is currently as tall as me, so once I've finished Sandra's book, I have no shortage of others to dive into!

I've only recently learned how to knit, but I've always enjoyed other needlework and it's always been a way to relax and still be creative. Ditto with gardening (with the added bonuses of exercise and fresh air thrown in for free) and baking (added bonus... cake!).

It's all helping me break up the slog of finding a cover designer! What does everyone else do when they need to break up something onerous? Hints and tips please??