I can finally share something with all of you (subscribers already know this...). Both Lies That Poison and The Call will be being re-released as I'm getting my rights back from Joffe Books.

It's been a difficult decision, but, I hope, the right one.

Both books will be getting some bonus material added before the re-release. Lies That Poison should be getting re-published in September, and The Call should be re-released in November. They will both be available up to those dates, but there may be a short gap between them being published by Joffe Books and re-released by me.

I'm hoping to share the new cover with you for Lies That Poison very soon! That was the 'other project' I talked about last week. I'm currently working with a great cover designer, finalising things.

Watch this space... there will be some competitions and giveaways coming! Some will be exclusively for subscribers to the newsletter, so sign-up below (if you haven't already).