Shiny new notebooks!

[Yeah, I know, I could write this as a post almost every week... but these are just gorgeous! And not available to buy anywhere - so I feel super special!]

I was recently asked to give feedback on some prototype notebooks. Actually, this happens quite a lot, as I write for Nero's Notes, but this came directly from the producer - Cambridge Imprint.

If you don't know their stuff, go check it out. It's just glorious! Anyway, I'd contacted them to ask if they would ever consider doing their hardback notebooks with lined paper instead of plain (I'm too messy to use plain neatly and making a mess annoys me). It turned out they had some prototypes and wanted feedback. Quel dommage!

They're amazing little books. At 12 cm x 18.5 cm, they're a perfect size to go in a bag and the paper is perfect for fountain pens (so I'm very happy!).

So, what will I use them for? Ah... a (currently) secret writing project. Keep you all posted when I can.