Cover reveal!!

Many thanks to the Hive Mind (my amazing friends who gave me such valuable input over the designs) and of course to the designers (MiblArt). The cover has gone through a few iterations and tweaks, but I'm finally able to share it with you all...

So, without further ado, here's the new cover for Lies That Poison.

The ebook has been uploaded to Kindle and the (hilarious) spelling error it thought it had found was "summun'" which was in a dialect section ("Hannah allus said it was Edward’s fault. Left Beatrice wi’ child and married summun else."). Of all the bits of dialect, that was the only one it didn't like!

So, the ebook text is loaded, the paperback version is loaded, the cover is finalised, the keywords and categories are all done. Less than two years after Joffe Books published it (22nd September, 2017), both the ebook and the paperback will be published by my imprint. The ebook is available now (here!!); the paperback will be available from Saturday. The new version has some bonus material in it at the back - an exclusive interview with me.

Phew! It's been a bit of a vertical learning curve, but I got there!