The dust settles...

After last week's surprise unpublishing of both books (I was anticipating one - Lies That Poison - but not the other - that was done in error), I'm feeling a little more sanguine about everything. But I just have a shed-load of work to do. So much that a) I feel somewhat overwhelmed, and b) this post will be short!

Because the books were enrolled in KDP select, I can't re-release the ebook until those 90 day periods have finished (as far as I can tell - anyone with other info, please let me know?). For Lies That Poison, that's 11th September, but for The Call, it's not until November 10th. Hence me being so upset when it was unpublished early in error - it still had 75 of its 90 days left - leaving me with it neither on sale published by Joffe Books for that time, not able to be re-released by me for that time either.

I can re-release the paperback versions before those dates, but not the ebook, so that's what I'll be working on.

More news as and when I have it.

As for the trilogy... I have the final edits for the first book to work on. Book 2 is now with Fiona (my editor) and I have some changes to book 3 to type up before that too heads to Fiona's desk.

Time to make a big pot of tea, dust myself off and get on with things. Live and learn. Live and learn...