Well, this is addictive...

The e-book went live last weekend; the paperback has been submitted and should be available this week, but...

Live reports for sales!

On the Amazon pages, you can see exactly how many books have been sold and, below that, pages read on Kindle Unlimited. At the bottom is a list of royalties and where they come from (though this is just for books sold; it doesn't cover the pages read part).

This has made me inordinately happy for two reasons...

1. I can see that I've earned more royalties in the last week than I did in the whole of the last quarter with my publisher (yes, seriously...)

2. I can see exactly which marketing idea is working (or not) since I can see when sales came in (and in which country).

Of course, the downside is that I keep looking at it all the time instead of getting on with editing!

I've also been introduced to a free video creation software site (InVideo) so had a play... what do you think?

But now... back to editing!