Swings, roundabouts and rollercoasters...

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that I didn't post anything last week. Mum had surgery on the 1st October and it's been a rollercoaster since then, with her recovery being slower than she wants (not difficult as her expectations are utterly unrealistic...). I ended up staying with her for longer than expected when she came out of hospital (with no internet).

That's the rollercoaster... As for the swings and roundabouts... well, my physiotherapist has allowed me to start running again. I went for one run (it was okay... hard work as I've lost a lot of fitness, but I survived). Then I had a long delay before the next run (as I was staying with Mum). And then, the next run was great, but I pulled my hip flexor while I was warming down! The Achilles (original injury) is fine, but now I'm hobbling about with a rubbish hip.

Ah well.

As for The Trilogy... the first book is back with Fiona (my editor) for a final read-through; the second book is due back from her soon for me to work on; I'm currently going through the draft of the third book, typing up the edits I finished back in June, ready to send to Fiona for the start of November for her to look at. October is looking busy, both on the editing front and with family responsibilities.

Onward and upwards!