Boots, books, and blog tours...

My new boots!
I collected my handmade boots at the weekend! (I posted about getting some handmade boots, back here).

They're amazing. So comfortable. And, of course, they fit! Without needing to wear three pairs of socks. I've now ordered a multicoloured pair.

The Wrong Kind of Clouds is available - both the ebook and the paperback. The paperback took a bit of fiddling, but I got there eventually. The issues were mostly with the cover and the placement of the title on it. The original version had the image right up to the edge of the page, but this was bounced, so some 'padding' was needed.

The blog tour/social media tour for the first book of the trilogy has been booked: 2-8th March, 2020. I now have a final version of the text and am pretty happy with the concept of the cover. I'm going to be putting the ebook and paperback manuscripts together over the next few days and then...'s on to the edits for the third book of the trilogy!

Oh, and I finished my tax form too! Go me!

Two books down... three to go. And then I can start writing the next one.