Another plastic-free win...

...and a massive fail.

The win first:
I've been looking for a plastic-free and palm-oil-free deodorant and have found a brilliant one. It's a solid deodorant which comes in a tin and is made in Yorkshire by Cosy Cottage. You rub a bit in your pits (a little goes a long way!) and it smells divine. I didn't expect it to stop me sweating (after all, it's a deodorant, not an antiperspirant), but actually, it seemed to make me sweat a little less.

image from Cosy Cottage eBay listing, with permission
It's £7 for a tin of it, with free P+P. Delivery was quick and the product is brilliant. It came with plastic-free delivery, too. I got mine from eBay - see here.

And the fail...?
Well, I ordered a cover for a notebook and asked the seller if they could use as little plastic in the packaging as possible. I got a lovely message back saying they had tried to use as little as possible. Well, their definition of 'as little as possible' and mine differ wildly. The notebook cover came in a plastic dust bag, wrapped inside another plastic bag, which was inside another outer plastic bag. Not only that, but there was a 'freebie' of a plastic ring binder and some other bits an pieces in another plastic dust bag. The plastic bags don't seem to be recyclable, so I'm using them to send parcels in, so at least they get re-used. I don't know what to do with the plastic ring-binder. I may keep knitting patterns in it, but it's yet another bit of plastic filling up the earth. I tried my best... I really did. At least the cover itself is biodegradable.