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I'm so excited to share this with you all! Here it is... the cover for the first book of the trilogy: Aegyir Rises.

Guardians of The Realm 1: Aegyir Rises
Reagan Bennett has always felt like an outsider. Left at the doors of a hospital at birth, her relationship with her adopted family hasn’t been easy. Especially when one of them almost killed her. Now he’s due to be released from prison and Reagan’s settled world is about to be turned upside-down. But not by him.

Something else – something much older, much darker – is also about to be freed. Something that believes Reagan is an arch enemy, and is obsessed with destroying her.

All of her life, Reagan has dreamed of living in another place – The Realm. Can these dreams really be memories? If so, who is Reagan Bennett?

Reagan needs to figure out who her enemy is, before they slaughter everyone she loves. And to do that, she needs to figure out who she really is.

The ebook will be available for pre-order from 7th February, but, I've had a rush of blood to the head, and decided that everyone who signs up for my newsletter before 20th February, 2020, will get a free copy of the first book of the trilogy: Aegyir Rises.

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No I won't. I promise!! I send out a newsletter once a month, with stuff about what I've been up to, plus freebies and offers (when I have any), and you'll get an email when I release any new books. That's all. You won't be added to any other lists and you can unsubscribe at any time. Of course, I'd be delighted if you didn't unsubscribe, but the option is always there.

On February 21st, 2020 I will email everyone who has signed up, a link to the ebook. You have to have signed up by 23:59 GMT on 20th February, or you'll miss out. Those of you who already get my newsletter - fear not, you'll get the email with the link too.

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