Diary is starting to look bonkers...

Not long now until this one goes live!

My diary has started to look a little crazy. As you'll probably all have guessed, I'm an analogue lass and so my diary is an actual, sits-on-my-desk-and-gets-written-in-using-pen-or-pencil kind of thing. I have so many things to remember to do on specific days, leading up to the launches of the trilogy, that I've now resorted to adding Post-It notes to the days. Yes, I could write the task in the day slot, but sometimes, the note for what needs to be done is quite long, but the time it will take to do the task is small, so filling up vast tracts of my diary with notes doesn't seem sensible.

But, in the six weeks from the week before the launch of "Aegyir Rises", to the week after the final book ("War") goes live, I have a gazillion day-specific things to do, and so my diary is now a riot of sticky notes. I'm almost tempted to run a notebook with a page per day, just for these few weeks, in case the sticky notes fall out. It's not as if I have a dearth of notebooks to hand!

So what's on all these notes? Well, there are reminders to send out emails; there are notes about when to make some things live, or to take other things down; notes to check things have happened (or not happened)... Remind me never to launch three books in the space of four weeks again?

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