Is that some light I see...?

There... right at the end of a very long tunnel?

You know, I think it is!

Yep - the major edits on the third book of the trilogy have Left The Building and are back with Fiona. Phew!!

I should be getting the final round of edits for the second book back next week sometime. In the meantime, I have to get the ebook version and paperback versions of the first book sorted out, so life isn't really any less busy., but I can definitely see some light!

Key dates!
22nd February is when I will have book 1 available. If I get my backside in gear, it will be available for pre-order a week or so before.
22nd February is also when I intend to have book 2 available for pre-order.

2-8 March - the blog tour is booked, organised by the amazing Love Books Group.

7th March - Book 3 goes live; book 3 will be available for pre-order.

21st March - book 3 goes live
[22nd March, I collapse with exhaustion...]

Unfortunately, my partially dislocated thumb (don't ask!) isn't much better, but is easier with the strapping on. However, with the strapping on, I can't hold a pen, so it's all been a bit sore and trying. I can type with it on, so all is not lost.

Right. Onwards! Towards the light!