Interview with the author Julianne Berokoff

I know! It's been a while since I did one of these, but I am delighted to share my interview with Julianne with you today.

I 'met' Julianne via a Facebook Group for Fantasy writers, recently, and we got chatting (as you do). Her new book, An Oath of Blood - the second book in the series The Fae Academy - is out now. The first book in the series is A Gift of Magic.

Hello Julianne and welcome to the blog!

When did you first start writing? And what made you start?
I think my first ever poem was written for some English assignment in middle school. It was about cats. Very deep, I know. But I had so much fun composing it! Needless to say, the years that followed were filled with terribly derivative fantasy short stories, angsty poetry, and abandoned romance arcs.

What was the first full-length novel you ever wrote? (I realise this may not be the same as the first book you have had published!)
The first book I wrote was called What Do You Know of the Dream Walkers. I know, quite the mouthful. It’s a YA fantasy about a girl who can cast an indestructible version of herself anywhere she pleases.

She has no idea what she’s doing. Her best friend is a bird. And someone is definitely trying to murder her. Hilarity ensues.

Anyway, I finished the novel, panicked, and buried it somewhere in my documents folder. Insecurity is a funny thing, isn’t it? But I’ll publish it one day!

Your new book is just out. Tell me more about it?
Yes! An Oath of Blood is the second book of my Urban Fantasy Academy series, The Fae Academy.

Vienna Defante is a straight-shooter princess with a knack for knives who’s thrown into an academy on forbidden Seelie territory.

And why yes, she is being stalked by demons. I’m glad you asked.

In her second semester, Vienna uncovers literal buried secrets in Noqtu Academy. She dives into this mystery because (no spoilers) her family is horrible and someone on campus is trying to kill her.

Normal teenage stuff, right?

What prompted you to write it?
I just love academy fantasy books. Probably because I want to attend one. Desperately. C’mon Hogwarts.

What are you working on at the moment? Are there already plans for the next book after this one?
Yes! Book 3 is coming in April. That’s what I’m working on now!

Where is your ideal writing space? 
I wish I was the café writer, but I get too anxious in public to concentrate on my writing well. But toss me onto my couch, give me pajamas, chocolate, and a caffeinated drink, and I’m golden!

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given? (not necessarily writing-related!)
“What others think of you is none of your business.”

I have no idea who said it first. But I’m a forever-recovering people pleaser and I have to remind myself of this quote constantly. It helps me so much.

And now for some more random questions... 
What’s your radio tuned to most often?
I have a magnificent Spotify mish-mash of things that make me happy. Right now, I’m in deep into FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish, Roddy Ricch, The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, and Kacey Musgraves.

You’re stranded on an island. You can choose one of the following three things. Which do you choose and why?
1. Limitless supply of paper and pens.
2. A computer which will never run out of battery and which can access the internet, but you can’t post anything/get help via it, only read what others have put up.
3. An endless supply of loo roll.
Definitely #2. I’m already a Platinum-Level Lurker. Here's to hoping I’m as good at finding the proper leaves!

You can only wear one of the following colours for the rest of your life. Which colour do you choose? Yellow. Orange. Green. White. Pink. 
Bring on the stains, baby. I’m going with white.

Jason Bourne or James Bond?
James Bond. Would we be the same without those one-liners?

Cats or dogs? Cats. City or country?
City. But let the record show it’s a very, very narrow victory.

Real book or e-book?
Real! Paperbacks for easier reading. Hardbacks when I need a good weapon. Those corners could kill a man.

Fountain pen or biro?
Auto-correcting quill.

Thanks very much for letting me bombard you with questions! 
THANK YOU!!! You’re amazing and this was very fun 😊
(AF: awww... shucks!)

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