Cover Reveal - War

The final book of the trilogy - War - is almost ready for pre-order. Isn't the cover amazing?? It was done by MiblArt (who did all the covers for the trilogy).


Thirteen demons were trapped in The Realm. So was Aegyir, their ring-leader.
All of them wanted to live forever, by stealing the life-force out of people, killing them. The only people who can stop them are the Guardians. 
Now, all of them are free and in The Realm, with only one thing on their minds: kill all the Guardians.
Can Aeron and Faran find a way to destroy the demons forever? Or will The Realm fall, and with it, Earth?
In the thrilling conclusion to the Guardians of The Realm trilogy, Aeron and Faran must fight for their honour, their lives, and the future of The Realm. But the odds are stacked against them.

Book 2 - Aeron Returns - is still available to pr-order at the introductory price of 99p/99c but don't hang about, because the price will go up after the weekend!

And of course, book 1 - Aegyir Rises is still available.