B5 writing folio

A long time ago, I posted about converting an old Filofax Deskfax into a writing folio. You can read that post here. Essentially, I took the ring mechanism out and added strings. The layout of the Deskfax meant that I could slide the cover of a B5 notebook into a back slot. The added strings could hold thinner B5 books. The various pockets and pen slots could hold Post-It notes, pens etc.

I don't know about where you are, but Scotland has had some fantastic weather recently. After wrestling with the plot (see last week's post), I've been scene planning, and a lot of that takes place in a notebook. A HUGE B5 notebook! Over the course of writing a book, I write a LOT of notes. Quite a while ago, I bought this notebook, ready for the next novel:

It's hardback and has 160 pages (yes - 320 sides!). It's slotted into the back cover of the Deskfax, and there are two, slim B5 notebooks in the front, on the strings. These hold plot notes and 'big picture' notes. The hardback book holds everything else - random jottings, scene planning, 'taking stock' notes... everything else.

Slim notebooks on strings at the front

Back of the book tucked into the slot in the back cover

Interior layout of the large book

The beauty of having it all in the same place like this, is that I can grab it and take myself off to a shady corner in the garden and I have everything to hand.

Now, don't get me wrong - it's a chunky thing, and I'm not sure how much I would be wanting to lug it hither and thither. That said, it has space to take bits of money and cards, so when travel is easier, I could actually take it on a train journey with me and not need to be carrying anything else. But for grabbing and sitting in the garden - it's perfect.

I suppose if B5 is too big for you, an A5 folio would work just as well. It's just that I need the space!

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