Plans? What plans?

Well. It was all going swimmingly... I was 40,000 words into the new book. 40,000

And then...

Well, and then I hit a stumbling block and decided I needed to change something fairly significantly.

Not the plot... the plot's fine (though I keep needing to trim out side-plots that are either unnecessary or wanting their own show a bit too much). It's the point of view (POV) I've needed to change.

The trilogy was all written from Reagan's/Aeron's POV and in 1st person ("I/we"). But in the new book, she's not always in all of the action for a variety of reasons, and was having to find out about it after the fact. This wasn't helpful!

However, Faran (Aeron's husband) was in all the bits of action she wasn't, and so, at 40,000 words in (I really can't stress that enough! That's almost half the book written!) I decided to switch to have two points of view - some scenes from Aeron's (still in 1st person) and some from Faran's (3rd person close - "he/they" but only what Faran can see/hear/experience).

So, the last week (and this week) has been/will be spent going back through those 40,000 words and changing about half of the scenes/writing new versions.

The fabulous thing is, I'm getting to write from Faran's perspective, and boy, is his perspective different from Aeron's at times! It took me a day or so to totally get into his head and 'hear' him, but now his voice is loud and clear (um, a little too loud, sometimes!) and I'm loving writing the scenes from his POV.

I just wish I'd had this realisation a little sooner than when I'd written almost half of the book!

Ah well.