SPFBO stands for Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. It's an annual competition, organised by the author Mark Lawrence. You can read the full details on Mark's SPFBO page.

Why am I telling you about this? Because I entered!! 

There are only 300 books in the competition. These are then distributed to ten book blogs who are particularly interested in fantasy books. Over the next five months, these 300 books will be whittled down to ten - one from each of the book blogs involved. Then, over the next six months, one will be chosen as the winner. There's no financial prize... it's far more about publicity and visibility.

Aegyir Rises has been allocated to Rockstarlit Book Asylum. They have five reviewers who are each going to read six books and choose their favourite, and then from those six, they will choose the book to go forward to the final ten across the competition. Within Rockstarlit Book Asylum, I've been allocated to Jen as the person reviewing Aegyir Rises.

What happens next?
In all likelihood, I crash and burn... but this is what comes next competition-wise, within the blog group I've been allocated to:
  • Before the end of August, each of the 5 judges reads at least 25% of each book they've been assigned
  • By the end of August, each judge puts forward their favourite book from the 6 they've read/sampled, as their semi-finalist
  • Each judge will get a post on Rockstarlit Book Asylum to discuss their 6 books
  • Between September and October, the 5 judges will read the 6 semi-finalists (again, they will read at least 25% of each book)
  • Some time in October, their finalist will be announced
I'll keep you posted as to how I get on! Wish me luck?

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