First draft done? CHECK!

Hang out the bunting, chill me some wine... I finished the first draft of book #9 at the weekend. All 95.5K words of it! And then immediately wrote the prologue for book #10! But that's a story for another day...

I'm relieved to have finished the first draft, but the serious work starts now. First up will be my structural edit. I already suspect one small strand will be going, so I need to unpick that and take it out. But after that I'll be checking pace and where the main 'beats' of the book are, and probably splitting it into chapters at that point. To be honest, this is my least favourite phase of writing a book, but it needs to be done!

After that comes the much more fun aspect of 'trying to get the words right'. This takes more time and although more fun, is also more tiring (at least to me).

But before ALL that, comes a large glass of wine, and a re-read of Aeron Returns and War (to make sure I'm keeping faithful to everyone's voices and mannerisms).