Taking stock

Having managed to write just over 50,000 words in November, I've barely written any in the past week. Partly my brain needed a rest, and partly I needed to catch up with a lot of things that had fallen by the wayside over November. I also wanted to take stock or where the book was at - what needed changing and what still needed to be written.

I've not been happy with the opening of the book - those were the scenes with the "bleugh" comments I was on about, when I discussed not finishing scenes might be the right thing to do. Re-reading it, I was marginally more happy with it, but most of it will still end up getting changed.

There are also some big gaps later on in the book, where I wasn't quite sure how to get something to work, so moved on to scenes I was more sure about. Now that I've got a much better idea of what is happening in the book, and how everything pans out, these won't be so difficult to sort out.

Will I get this sorted before the end of the month? Hopefully, if I roll my sleeves up and get on with it, and stop being distracted by beautiful wool and knitting!